How’s your Wednesday going?  I hope well, but if not, it’s about to get much much better because it’s time for our Wedding Wednesdays Q&A!  Today we’re discussing wedding packages:  I’m having a destination wedding and I have the option of getting an all inclusive package at my venue. The package includes food, alcohol, photographer, videographer, flowers, cake, photobooth, dj, and the officiant for our ceremony.  The package fits in our budget, but do you think it is a good idea?   Or do you think I will have a better wedding if I find my own vendors?  Any advice would be super helpful!

This is a wonderful question as it is something that destination wedding couples run into all the time, particularly in locations that are known for destination weddings like Hawaii or the Caribbean.  All inclusive packages exist to make it easy for couples and also to make it easy on the venue.  It’s a set package, so everyone involved on the vendor side knows exactly what to do, no questions or guesswork involved.  For the couple, you’ve now just hired everyone you’ll need in one fell swoop, no research or interviewing involved.  Sounds pretty good, right?  Now the question is, is it right for you?  Perhaps yes and perhaps no.

With a destination wedding, you are planning from afar and for those of you without a wedding planner, it can make your life easy if you just pick a package and be done with it.  However, the caveat with a package is just that, it is package, which means zero customization or choice.  For some, that is the best thing ever because it also requires no thinking or time.  For others though, if you are looking to create a certain type of look or experience, having a set package doesn’t allow for any changes.  More importantly, it doesn’t allow you to choose your particular vendors which means you have almost no control on how things will turn out.  Picking a package means you are getting a pre-determined set of vendors without knowing how good they are or if you even like them.  This can be a problem if say photography is really important to you and you want a certain kind of look.  With a package you are stuck with whomever the venue chooses as their photographer (which in all honesty, is never really that great).  But, of course hiring your own vendors means more research and time spent finding the right person.  So, the question is whether having control and the ability to choose your vendors is more important to you than the ease of a package.  If so, then forego the package and do everything on your own.  If not, then go for it and then take a nap.

In need of some wedding planning advice?  Ask us your questions and we’ll get you an answer.

Oct 22, 2014 by Jamie Chang

This weekend was a weekend of marriage.  Not only did I celebrate my own marriage, but also celebrated the marriage of a very sweet newly married couple.  As such, weddings and anniversaries are on the brain and I think Julia Child’s right on the money with this week’s inspiration.

Oct 20, 2014 by Jamie Chang

Today is a day to celebrate!  Why you ask?  Because today is my wedding anniversary.  And as such, I am ecstatically taking a break and spending some time with my wonderful husband (while also prepping for a wedding tomorrow as work never really ends).  I thank my lucky stars that I found such an awesome guy that I totally love and who somehow loves me just as much.  So, I’m off to go eat something sinful and delicious and enjoy the day with my husband.  Happy Anniversary my love!

Oct 18, 2014 by Jamie Chang


Jamie Chang

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