It’s Wednesday and time for our Wedding Wednesdays Q&A where we answer your most pressing wedding planning questions.  Today we are talking about programs:  I just sent out my invitations and now I’m thinking about some of the details that I want for my wedding.   One thing my friend said I have to have are programs.  Is this true?  I feel like it would just be a throw away.  What is the purpose of them?

The purpose of a program is to tell people what will be happening in your ceremony.  Imagine you are doing something ceremonial or cultural in your wedding that people might not understand.  The program is a way to explain it to them so that they can follow along and be a part of what is happening.  Programs are common for church weddings or religious weddings where there are rituals that not everyone would know about.  But, they can also be used for non-religious weddings as well.  Besides informing people of what will happen, it also is a chance for you to share additional information about the wedding as well.  Sometimes couples want to recognize a deceased relative or inform people who the family and wedding party are.  It can also give you a chance to share a written thank you as well.

Now while programs are traditionally meant for the ceremony, you could also make one for the entire wedding as well.  It would be more a of a timeline or schedule of events.  Some couples do this to get their guests excited about everything to come and of course once again, let people know what will be happening.  Now are programs a have to have?  The answer is no.   You should do one if you feel like your guests would benefit from it, but it’s definitely not a must have.  The one instance where I think it is a must is if you are doing something (in your ceremony or otherwise) that many of your guests won’t understand (e.g. Hindu wedding, Greek wedding).  You don’t want your guests to feel out of place and not sure what to do and by explaining it, they get to be a part of it as well.

Got a wedding planning question you can’t figure out?  Ask us below and we’ll help you out!

Apr 16, 2014 by Jamie Chang

Happy Monday!  It’s always hard to start off the week, but this is an invigorating week.  Why you ask?  Because we’re hitting both tax day and Easter this week.  One is definitely more fun then the other, but both are about starting fresh and rebirth.  And with new life comes dreams.  We all have them, whether they are lofty (and nearly impossible) like winning the lottery or simple like eating chocolate cake (yum).  Dreams don’t always come true, but they sure give us life.

Apr 14, 2014 by Jamie Chang

We always love to travel here at Mango Muse Events, but every now and again we get bitten hard by the travel bug.  We’ve been particularly itching to explore this week and as such, our find of the week is travel related.   Now close your eyes and imagine the French countryside.   Enjoying the sun, the breeze the gardens and the food.  Having the entire grounds of a private medieval village all to yourselves.  Now imagine your wedding there.  Kind of amazing, right?

We got introduced recently to this awesome wedding venue in France that we wanted to share.  Castelnau Des Fieumarcon is a private fortified settlement that was built in the 13th century.  It’s located in the South West of France and can house up to 67 people which means you could have your whole wedding group stay there and have the entire space all for you!  Imagine the possibilities for activities, dinners and just time to hang out and enjoy each other’s company in a beautiful place.  Now that is a destination wedding experience.

Is France calling you?  We can help you plan a destination wedding to remember.

Apr 12, 2014 by Jamie Chang


Jamie Chang

Jamie Chang is the owner and lead event consultant at Mango Muse Events. Mango Muse Events is a boutique event planning and design firm specializing in customized destination weddings and social occasions. Mango Muse Events is based in the San Francisco Bay Area and orchestrates events in Northern California, Hawaii and beyond.




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